About Us


At The City Loans, we understand that the need to have a good credit rating is germane and that is the sole reason why we go beyond the call of duty to ensure that we enlighten our prospective customers about the need to always strive to obtain a good credit rating. The benefits of having a good credit rating far outweigh the demerits and as such we believe that each and every UK citizen should make an informed decision.

We highlight the merits of having a good credit score, shed light on effective strategies to improving a person’s credit rating, the impact of having a poor credit rating, steps to achieving a good credit score, what to avoid and so on and so forth. Our site is a great resource of information and our customer personnel are always at your beck and call to answer any queries you might be having as regards credit rating. We are of the belief that out steadfast efforts in educating our customers is the reason we continue to enjoy immense success over the years.